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Provide a 1,000-word online article (preferably related to employee training/development-related best practices, tips, case studies, research/trends; it can include images, charts, videos, and/or links), and we’ll post it in the main newsfeed on our flagship site, (57,000+ avg unique monthly visitors).

Your content will be featured in the newsfeed and will live in perpetuity on our site, providing traffic to your site to help your SEO. We’ll promote your content via social media and with text ad placements in the Training Weekly eNewsletter (37,000+ opt-in avg monthly subscribers) over a 2 -month (60-day) period.


Champlain University Industry Solutions Article

AllenComm Industry Solutions Article

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Industry Solutions Article (online-only, 1,000 words)


Industry Solutions article (online-only): Metrics

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200 - 400

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Average unique monthly site pageviews


Your sponsored content remains in our newsfeed in perpetuity; an additional 60 days of social media and eNewsletter promotions boosts your article's overall views.