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The following three features are exclusively produced and presented by Training every year. Contact us for multiple ways to be a part of these popular and sought-after special features.

Training’s APEX Awards Issue (March quarterly publication)

The Training APEX Awards program reflects the winners’ journey to attain peak performance in employee training and development and organizational success. In existence for more than two decades, it remains the premier learning industry awards program. Winners comprise organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world. The annual published ranking provides a snapshot of what winners are doing to stay a step ahead and be best in class when it comes to people performance and talent development. Past #1 winners include: Medical Solutions, United Wholesale Mortgage, Dollar General Corporation, Verizon, and IBM.

More information about the Training APEX Awards program is available here!



The Annual Training Industry Report (November quarterly publication)

Training, learning, and talent development leaders and professionals rely on this report as a statistical gauge for measuring their own training functions against industry norms. With data representing a cross-section of industries and company sizes, the Industry Report presents a comprehensive view of the current environment, as well as historical trends.




The Annual Salary Survey (November quarterly publication)

For a pulse of the average training salaries across roles and regions, Training’s exclusive research can’t be beat. Training professionals at all levels turn to the Annual Salary Survey for the latest analysis of industry compensation and to find out how their own salary stacks up against the broader marketplace.